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Army Prepares to Sell Up to 10,000 Surplus 1911 Pistols ... Here’s How You Get One

By: Todd South, Army Times, 4 December 2017

Marine Cpl. Justin Morrall fires a 1911 M45A1 pistol at Susong Ri live fire range, Republic of Korea. The Army will soon transfer up to 10,000 surplus 1911s to the Civilian Marksmanship Program for sale to qualified civilians. (Lance Cpl. Bernadette Wildes/Marine Corps)

With the stroke of a pen, as many as 10,000 Army surplus 1911A1 pistols could be available for sale to the public early next year. 

A provision in the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act explicitly orders the sale of between 8,000 and 10,000 of the venerable .45 caliber pistols. The 1911 has a storied history, and it influenced handgun design for more than a century.

Having seen service in every war since World War I, the gun is a favorite among collectors and civilian shooters, many of whom modify variants of the 1911 for competitive shooting.

The iconic sidearm has been featured in films ranging from 1930s detective dramas — “Bullets or Ballots” starring Humphrey Bogart is one example — to a nickel-plated version with pearl grips carried by John Travolta’s character in the 1994 hit “Pulp Fiction.”

In military movies, Sam Elliot carried the 1911 handgun while portraying famed Army Command Sgt. Maj. Basil Plumley in “We Were Soldiers,” a film depicting the 1965 Battle of Ia Drang and the soldiers of the 7th Cavalry Regiment during the Vietnam War.

Once the approved, the surplus 1911s will be sold through the Civilian Marksmanship Program

The CMP is a nonprofit organization that educates people on responsible firearms use and conducts marksmanship competitions nationwide. It is a recipient of military surplus firearms for sales to support its mission. 

The NDAA awaits President Donald Trump’s approval before the transfer can take place. The rollout wouldn’t take place all at once, with the weapons set to transfer to the CMP from 2018 through 2020.

The CMP sells another piece of U.S. military history, the M1 Garand, a .30 caliber rifle that was used in World War II, Korea and initially in Vietnam before being replaced by the M16 service rifle.

The 1911A1 was replaced as the Army’s official sidearm in 1986, when the service fielded the M9 Beretta 9 mm pistol.

That handgun is now in the process of being replaced by the Modular Handgun System, which includes the M17 and a compact M18, which are military versions of the Sig Sauer P320 9 mm handgun.

VA & CFPB Warning on Refinancing Offers



Colleagues and Fellow Veterans,


The VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) lowers your interest rate by refinancing your existing VA home loan. During FY17, VA guaranteed over 190,000 home loans under this program. In FY 2017, there were nearly 1,500 lenders that participate in the VA Home Loan program.


Regrettably, some lenders have taken advantage of Servicemembers and Veterans with VA home loans in the past. They have sent unsolicited offers to refinance VA mortgages with misleading advertising. If you have a VA home loan, there is a good chance you have already come into contact with unsolicited offers which appear official and may sound too good to be true.


The VA and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) have issued their first Warning Order to Servicemembers and Veterans who currently have a VA home loan, as we have found that some of you are being targeted with misleading advertising.


Understand that certain advertised benefits, such as no out-of-pocket closing costs, skipped mortgage payments, and escrow refunds, are costs that are generally added to your loan and increase the overall principal balance. These are all red flags that may indicate that the loan is less likely to benefit you. Before you proceed with a VA mortgage refinance, be sure to consider the long-term and short-term benefits and consequences of refinancing your loan.


If you are contacted to refinance your VA mortgage, carefully consider your options and ask questions:

•Does a lower interest rate extend the term (i.e., 30-year fixed rate to another 30-year fixed rate)?

•What are the financial implications when choosing between a fixed term and an adjustable rate mortgage loan?

•What is your total payback for the new loan vs. the original loan?

•Do offers of skipped payments or cash back ultimately get added to my loan amount?


If you have a problem with a VA mortgage refinance or other mortgage issues, you can submit a complaint to the CFPB online or by calling (855) 411-CFPB (2372). Please also see VA/CFPB’s blog on this topic at:


We are working hard, along with other government agencies, to identify, stop, and prevent illegal and misleading advertising related to VA mortgages and refinancing. If you have questions that aren’t being answered by your lender, please get a second opinion from another lender, or call a VA loan specialist who is available to assist you from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday at (877) 827-3702.


As always, thank you for your service.



Curtis L. Coy

Deputy Under Secretary for Economic Opportunity

Veterans Benefits Administration

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Washington, DC 20420


VA Announces Rollout and Application Process for New Veterans ID Card

November 29, 2017, 04:00:00 PM

WASHINGTON — Today the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that the application process for the national Veterans Identification Card (VIC) is now available for Veterans — yet another action honoring their service.

This has been mandated through legislation since 2015 to honor Veterans, and today’s rollout of the ID card fulfills that overdue promise.

Only those Veterans with honorable service will be able to apply for the ID card, which will provide proof of military service, and may be accepted by retailers in lieu of the standard DD-214 form to obtain promotional discounts and other services where offered to Veterans.

“The new Veterans Identification Card provides a safer and more convenient and efficient way for most Veterans to show proof of service,” said VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin. “With the card, Veterans with honorable service to our nation will no longer need to carry around their paper DD-214s to obtain Veteran discounts and other services.”

The VIC provides a more portable and secure alternative for those who served the minimum obligated time in service, but did not meet the retirement or medical discharge threshold. Veterans who served in the armed forces, including the reserve components, and who have a discharge of honorable or general (under honorable conditions) can request a VIC.

To request a VIC, Veterans must visit, click on “Apply for Printed Veteran ID Card” on the bottom left of the page and sign in or create an account.

Veterans who apply for a card should receive it within 60 days and can check delivery status of their cards at A digital version of the VIC will be available online by mid-December.

SOURCE: US Department of Veterans Affairs article, 29 November, at

12 Dec 2017 UPDATE: The Department of Veterans Affairs has suspended applications for its new veteran identification card program due to a large number of applicants, according to  a notice on its website. Individuals accessing the site with their own VA logins and military service credentials encountered repeated errors and  are instead told they need to come back later.


Defenders Are Amazing!

CMSgt Tamala L. Hartz

In the last few months I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by all the generations of our career field. In August the Security Forces World Wide Symposium brought Commanders and Security Forces Managers together to discuss the future, remember the past, and celebrate 20 years of being Defenders. The commitment and drive that our Squadron leadership has toward making the lives of our Defenders better was unmistakable throughout the event. The General delivered her intent and priorities, gave the career field direction and aimed our efforts toward future accomplishments. Walking out of this event there was optimism, plus anytime you have more than 250 Security Forces members in one place it is sure to be moving.

I was also fortunate enough to be invited to two other very important events that represent a sort of bookending of the last 70 years of our existence. I attended the annual Air Force Security Forces Association National Meeting held here in Washington D.C.. I got the tremendous opportunity to visit with some of the Defenders who have shaped the legacy we enjoy today. It was such an honor to meet these great people who even after their service, remain committed to the Defender family and continue to support our Airmen. These heroes shared with us perspective on our past, present, and future. Through this I quickly realized the challenges we face today are not new, they just have different details. Being with these amazing individuals reminded me that for some being Air Police, Security Police or Security Forces is not a job, it changes who you are.

Then in October, I spoke with a group of more than 500 Defenders before a ruck march at Camp Bullis in Texas sponsored by our Security Forces Academy. The audience consisted of Defender candidates trying to get through the academy, retirees, many Security Forces members, and the family and friends of the fallen. This event is held annually to honor fallen Defenders and their families and remind us of the history of sacrifice we must all live up to. Usually the ruck focuses attention on the Defenders we have lost during Operations IRAQI and ENDURING FREEDOM. This year however, 186 Defenders killed in the line of duty during the past 70 years were recognized and honored with this event. Kudos to the Academy leadership and event organizers for an outstanding idea and a first-class event. Again this event was a reminder of how incredible we are as a collective and of the bond we feel to each other. In the sea of Security Forces members it is easy to feel uplifted and motivated, but it is what happened after the ruck that set the stage for this article.

After the ruck march was over, I happened to see a Security Forces MSgt walking on the side of the road with his ruck, limping a little. I pulled over to ask him what he was doing and he said he was walking back to the gate to call a taxi to take him back to Lackland. While giving this MSgt a ride I was reminded of how amazing Defenders are. Turns out the MSgt was TDY to Lackland for one of the advanced courses and had heard about the ruck march, but he did not have a rental car to get to Camp Bullis. Therefore, he took a taxi at 0500 from Lackland to the Camp Bullis gate, walked from the gate to the start point to participate in the Fallen Defender Ruck March. He rucked the 4-mile course, up and down Three Bears and was headed back to Lackland. He felt committed to those Defenders who had made the ultimate sacrifice and believed the event was so important that he wanted to be part of it regardless of the expense, difficulty or effort required to get there. He never expected anyone to notice, he did it because it was the right thing to do. 

This MSgt’s act hit me like a bolt of lightning. What he had done became part of a confluence of events beginning with the gathering at the World Wide, the AFSFA symposium, and carrying through to the Fallen Defender ruck march. Everything was encapsulated and represented in this MSgt. Here was the living embodiment of Defenders, past, present, and future. Here was what we believe, what we honor, what we love about being Defenders, what we hold sacred. 

I always sensed there was a long unbroken line of honor, character and values that connected us all, but now I could see it as clearly as if it had been spelled out for me in divine revelation. Our career field is built on a foundation formed on the core values of those Americans willing to wear the badge and beret over the last 70-years. Regardless of the training, equipment, and technologies, it is always the Defender under the uniform that makes the difference.

This is why I know Defenders are AMAZING!!!!