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All your favorite Association hardware including coins, commemorative shields, lapel pins, patches, bumper stickers and magnets, note cards, decals and Defensor Fortis flags, to name just part of the inventory.

Online Apparel Store

High quality sports and outer wear (including shirts, jackets, fleece/sweat shirts and hats) and travel and messenger bags in a wide variety of colors and sizes bearing the AFSFA, Security Forces Foundation, Security Police shield or Defensor Fortis logos.

AFSFA Shop.Com Store

AFSFA's own site that will help you find many of the stores you already know and use and love. Own our Shop Consultants help you navigate around the 3,000+ stores to ensure you also get the product you want at the best price. And s time goes on we hope you will recognize the savings and benefits that can be realized by shopping online at www.SHOPAFSFA.COM.

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2017 AFSFA BoD
Mid-Year Meeting
1 April 2017
San Antonio, TX

31st National Meeting
Washington D.C.
Hotel reservation link pending

Visitors Information
24-27 Aug 2017

32nd National Meeting
Sacramento, CA
Visitors Bureau
Fall 2018

33rd National Meeting
San Antonio, TX
Fall 2019