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This is the main forum section. It serves as a container for categories for your topics.
We encourage Defender members to introduce themselves here. Get to know one another and share your interests.
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Last Post: Hooray!
by SPSF0240
3 weeks 1 day ago
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Last Post: Buck Sargent???
by mike lemley
3 months 1 week ago
Rules of engagement for this AOR (Area of Operations)
1 Topics 0 Replies
by johnprobst
3 years 3 months ago
Status and updates on the Air Force Security Forces Museum
3 Topics 13 Replies
by johnprobst
3 years 1 month ago
Planning and highlights for the 2014 Seattle National Meeting
2 Topics 1 Replies
by Whitek62
3 years 4 weeks ago
5 Topics 15 Replies
by rob29085
2 years 3 weeks ago
1 Topics 5 Replies
by aufruhrer
2 years 2 weeks ago
Give us feedback on the new AFSFA magazine. We want to continue to improve your publication.
1 Topics 3 Replies
by johnprobst
3 years 3 days ago
My first time visiting the forum and looking for others from ....
3 Topics 3 Replies
by usaf20yrs
1 month 4 days ago
Tell us what your chapter is doing ....
10 Topics 6 Replies
by michaelflorenco
10 months 2 weeks ago
AFSFA members can post items for sale here
2 Topics 1 Replies
by James88
1 year 1 week ago
3 Topics 2 Replies
by johnprobst
1 year 8 months ago
Validated updates on events or attacks possibly resulting in Fallen Defenders and actions being taken by AFSFA to support affected families and units.
1 Topics 3 Replies
by johnprobst
1 year 9 months ago
2 Topics 5 Replies
by Jerry
1 year 4 days ago
Best practices, lessons learned and suggestions on how to grow the AFSFA membership
2 Topics 5 Replies
by James88
11 months 2 weeks ago
Assisting AFSFA members located in areas where our member population may be sparse to meet and form a less formal group than an AFSFA Chapter.
1 Topics 6 Replies
Last Post: Remote Units
by J2l3
5 months 3 days ago
The first print, The Tet Offensive, has been well received. What should our future AFSFA Security Forces artwork series include? We want our members ideas. What events, efforts and battles should be used for the future artwork prints? Please share with us your ideas.
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