(Adopted as the official prayer in 1980)                                   

Lord, you have called us to be guardians of a nation founded on Your principles.
Whatever our tasks as Security Force men and women, we do them to serve You and our nation.
We are proud to accept the responsibility of this high calling.
We dedicate ourselves to our vocation, and ask for guidance and courage
in aiding our people to live with dignity, in safety and peace.
We know true security comes from your presence, so we pray with the Psalmist:
You bless those who obey You, Lord; Your love protects them like a shield.
Use us, O Lord, as shields for Your people, reflecting Your security and peace.


The origin and the authorship of the official Security Forces prayer may be of interest to the Association members. The author is our Executive Director, Colonel (ret) Jerry Bullock. In 1980 when he wrote the prayer, he was serving with BGen WIlliam R. Brooksher as the deputy commander of the Air Force Office of Security Police, the #2 job in the career field. Colonel Bullock is an ordained minister, and he approached the General to get permission to write a prayer that could be used at Security Police (now Forces) functions.