Who Are We

The AIR FORCE SECURITY FORCES FOUNDATION (AFSFF) was established by the Air Force Security Forces Association (AFSFA) to provide assistance to Security Forces Members and their families when extraordinary circumstances have created a need not covered by existing Air Force aid programs.  This may include an illness or death in the family, emergency transportation, repairs of a major nature, or other minor but distressful crisis events.

Our SECURITY FORCES are Defenders - all volunteers - the Ground Combat Arm of the United States Air Force; they protect and defend!  They serve in harm's way in Iraq, Afghanistan, other various world-wide locations, and at home bases in the United States.  They are patriotic men and women who put country above self.  They are vigilant patriots who realize that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE and they are willingly doing their parts to PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS - freedoms that each of us take for granted every day of our lives.  Many are married with families; they come from all walks of life, religions, economic status, and ethnic groups.  Above all, THEY ARE PATRIOTS WHO LOVE AMERICA.

We are all United States Air Force "AIR POLICE",  "SECURITY POLICE", and "SECURITY FORCES",  from every era since the inception of the Air Force.  Some of our brethren have gone on before us; some have served briefly and returned to be part of their respective communities; some are retired; and some still serve.  Regardless, we are all bound by "The Bond of the Blue Beret" and we have all "been there", serving in harm's way.  We know the tradition of taking care of our own;  that is why AFSFF was established.   AFSFF does not have paid employees or a big office to maintain, which means that virtually all of your donations will be used to assist Security Forces and their families in their time of need.  This is a unique approach to helping our troops.   With the ops-tempo remaining high, and deployments a regular occurrence, the pressure on families increases daily.  While the AFSFF is not intended to provide "Big Money", it can grant small amounts of money that could mean the difference between a happy outcome and family turmoil.  This is what is meant by "TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN".

Our Mission

Taking care of our own by assisting SF Commanders in helping Security Forces Airmen and their families in times of need.

Eligibility:  Any active duty Security Forces Member including guard and reserve personnel on active duty with the Security Forces.  The spouse of an active duty Security Forced Member may apply when the member is deployed or incapacitated while performing his/her duties.

How do Security Force Commanders apply for aid for their SF personnel and families?   We have made it easy for the Security Forces Commander - go to our website [https://www.afsfaonline.com/index.php/foundation/about-us]  and fill out the electronic form, click the "SUBMIT" button and your request is on its way.  If you are deployed and do not have access to the internet, call the AFSFA Headquarters (1-888-250-9876 or 505-414-2166) and we will email or mail you an application and put you in contact with the AFSFF.  Please be succinct and clearly describe the need of SF personnel and/or their family.

How long will it take?  You will be notified of the AFSFF Board decision within 72 hours of receipt of your request.   AFSFF makes grants, [with no strings attached] not loans;  AFSFF assistance does not have to be paid back.  AFSFF operates on donations.  When SF members and/or families get back on their feet, we ask that they encourage donations to help other SF members and their families.  Our motto is "TOGETHER WE CAN".

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