134 SFS Defenders Win at the Army’s Best Warrior Competition

“Defender Nation…please join me in congratulating these Defenders at McGhee Tyson ANG, TN from the 134 SFS! SSgt Cody Watson won 1st place and SSgt Kourtni Giles placed 4th overall at the Army’s Best Warrior Competition held in Tullahoma, TN 26-28 June! HUA!”

VR – Brig Gen Collins

Air Force Awards Contract for Improved Female Body Armor

By Daryl Mayer, AFLCMC Public Affairs,  Published 17 June 2020


WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio (AFLCMC) – The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Female Fitment Program Office has awarded a contract to begin production and development for body armor designed to better protect female Airmen during combat and contingency operations.

Finding uniform items and gear optimized for female Airmen is an Air Force Chief of Staff initiative.  The Female Fitment Program Office was created in response to identify problems and find solutions quickly.  The office partnered with the Air Force Security Forces Center in San Antonio, Texas to find a “sufficient armored plate carrier system that addresses appropriate form, fit and function while providing adequate protection for female Airmen.”

“This is a perfect example of Air Force Materiel Command getting feedback from the field and delivering the Air Force We Need to the warfighter,” said Gen. Arnold W. Bunch Jr., AFMC commander.  “I’m proud of the team pulling together to do what is right for our Airmen.  They deserve gear that offers the protection they need while allowing them to complete their mission.”

AFLCMC’s Human Systems Division is the lead organization to assess, evaluate and acquire new body armor for Security Forces Defenders and other female Airmen whose jobs require them to operate in dangerous environments.  The new body armor will be specifically fitted to the female body preventing exposure to risks.

“Our female Airmen had gaps due to poor fitment issues said Maj. Saily Rodriguez, Female Fitment Program Manager.  “The new gear fits properly which improves protection and offers better comfort for gear that has to be worn in difficult environments and conditions.”

The program office conducted an evaluation that included laboratory and field assessments.  The contract was awarded to TSSi of Harrisonburg, Virginia for the Aspetto “Mach V” system that was deemed the best solution in terms of price, effectiveness and fitment.

“The feedback during our field assessment was overwhelmingly positive.  This is something our Airmen want because it offers a great benefit to their health and safety,” Rodriguez said.    

The first product deliveries are expected in Fall 2020.

Next Security Forces Career Field Manager Named

It is with great pleasure and honor that I announce the selection of CMSgt Brian Lewis, Air Force Global Strike Command Security Forces Manager, as the next Security Forces Career Field Manager.  Chief Lewis has distinguished himself at various levels and in numerous challenging environments.  His expertise and leadership is the right next step to focus on providing support to over 38K Total Force Defenders!

He will be a tremendous addition to our A4S team as we continue to make our Defenders…more lethal and more ready!


Please reach out and congratulate this leader and the family!


Stay Safe Defenders.
VR – Brig Gen Collins
Director of Security Forces

We Stand Guard Together!

Defenders, the civil unrest in the media over the loss of George Floyd has left Americans concerned and outraged.  We can all see the wrong in what took place.   The pain America feels for him and his family is real.

As a society we have come so far…which makes it just that much more painful to watch what is unfolding in the news and social media.  The reality of this situation makes us think about our role in respecting each other and doing what is right.

It is very unfortunate that it took a catastrophic event like this to bring America together…and it will take all of us in our own responsible way to make a course correction.

As a respected and professional Law Enforcement Career Field, it is inherent that we continue to treat each other and those we Protect, Defend and Serve with the Dignity and Respect that everyone deserves, regardless of the situation.  

Our Defender standard is Dignity and Respect for those we Protect & Serve, because we all (38K Total Force Defenders) serve and fight for what is right and just for a country that we love. 

We are always stronger together….and we must continue to BREATHE for those who cannot…and speak with one voice.  

Today Defenders…we are “Standing Guard”…I stand with 38K Professional Defenders and those who came before us.  I am extremely honored to serve with an elite group of Defenders who wear the badge proudly. 

Your Security Forces leadership condemns racism in any form and stand in SOLIDARITY with those affected

Stay Vigilant, Stay Safe and continue to be the very best Defenders we can for our Air Force and our Country! 


Top Cop - BG Collins 

Mrs. Scheppers

Chief Hartz

Security Forces Enterprise Plan

“The Security Forces Enterprise Plan is designed to focus on the Strategic Goals that are essential in making us More Lethal and More Ready, by prioritizing those things that are essential to our continued success.”

Brig Gen Collins
Director Security Forces

Strategic Environment

Department of the Air Force Security Forces play a pivotal role in protecting and enabling our Nation’s Air and Space Combat Power and Strategic Nuclear Mission. Building the Security Forces that our Department needs to compete, deter and win across the five priority missions of the National Defense Strategy requires continuous evolution; to become more lethal and more ready and to exploit emerging technologies to complement our already highly trained and motivated workforce. This plan builds upon previous work carried out under the banners of the Security Forces Flight Plan and the Reconstitute Defender Initiative that sought to address shortfalls in manpower, equipment and training and is aligned with the Protect the Force enabling capability in the Air Force Basing and Logistics Flight Plan. At the heart of this new plan are four strategic goals that will institutionalize elite Defender culture, make Defenders more proficient, continuously modernize equipment and standardize requirements to ensure that Security Forces Squadrons possess the resources and capabilities needed to fight and win.

Security Forces Mission

Deliver layered Integrated Base Defense across all Department of the Air Force installations to ensure mission accomplishment

Security Forces Vision

Organize, train, equip and arm our Defenders with technology, capabilities and policy to be the most lethal and ready force on the planet

Security Forces Shared Purpose

Work together as a career field, at all levels, to achieve the responsibilities outlined in the National Defense Strategy and Air Force Priorities


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