Chapter Name

Meeting Date

The Chapter convened at Hour, at the Place, City/Base, State with Number members and Number of guests present.

Members present were: List names

Guests present were: List names

Name led members and guests in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Chairman Name welcomed members and guests. Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted.

Committee Reports

Treasurer Report: Name reported …. and a present balance of $X,XXX .

Membership Report: Name reported …. current chapter membership is XX.

Programs Report: Name reviewed current chapter programs ….

Fund Raising Activities: Name briefed current fund raising activities

Old Business: Name addressed open business items …

New Business: Name announced …

Meeting adjourned at _____ hours.

The next Chapter meeting is tentatively scheduled to take place at Place on Date, same time.

Name, Chairman

Additional minutes guidelines

- Word format, NOT Pdf

- Arial font, NO bold or underlined text

- 12 pitch

- Word count NO MORE THAN 300 words

- Maximum of one or two high resolution color photos

- No chapter logos or artwork in header