Defender Family – I wanted to personally let you know that Maj Gen Sherman was selected for a new position - as Vice Superintendent of the Air Force Academy. He began his new position last week. As the first Two Star in the role, he will help develop the leaders that our Airmen and Guardians need.

Maj Gen Sherman wants to convey his honor in serving as your Director and advocate for the past two years. He is thankful for the opportunity to serve everyone that makes up the Total Force.

Effectively immediately, I will serve as Acting Director, Security Forces, Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection, Headquarters United States Air Force. I look forward to advocating for the career field until our new Director, Brig Gen(S) Brian Filler assumes the position.

 It is only June, but this has been an incredibly fast-paced year for our Defender Family. Great power competition is the central context for the future of air and space power. The Department of the Air Force is doing more than ever before to deter, defend, and, if necessary, defeat aggression against the United States, our allies, partners, and our interests.

Defenders answered the call these past few years, culminating in groundbreaking events such as Defender Flag and a refocused Defender Challenge. The hard work across the career field delivered results both in our base defense operations and in our ability to shape and influence the work being done for the Agile Combat Employment (ACE) scheme of maneuver. These events helped to demonstrate that with the right mindset and focus, Security Forces can be a combat capable and lethal expeditionary force for 2024 and beyond.

Our Defender Family made incredible progress - and you should be proud you were a part of that success. I am excited to watch as Defenders launch into the future with the same drive and make ourselves ready for what the future holds and what our Department of the Air Force needs.

Thank you for everything you do every day. It is not lost on us what you endure to Defend the Airmen, Guardians, Families, and Resources that collectively make us the most powerful force on Earth. Please take stock in how incredibly important each one of you are to our Defender Family and to the Department of the Air Force.

Mr Timothy A. Gerald
Acting Director Security Forces

Read the article here: Air Force Elevates USAFA Vice Superintendent to General Officer Role (

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