MSgt Pamela Hines, Secretary, called the meeting to order at 0929 hours at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Midwest City, OK. TSgt Timothy Nesbitt led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were 14 members and 3  guests present for a total of 17 folks. MSgt Hines asked for a moment of silence for those Sky Cops and/or family members that have passed away: Alisa F. Johnson, mother of Nerissa, Parks, 72 SFS/S5S, passed away on 16 Oct 13. MSgt (Ret) Brett L. Squires, SP/SF IMA at TAFB, passed away on 19 Oct 2013. She briefed that Tony Allison, 72 SFS/S4, had some medical problems but is now doing better. Next she briefed that the Treasurer’s report will not be briefed at this time. When she asked if she should read the September 2013 chapter meeting minutes, everyone said no. Then there was a motion to approve as is. It was seconded and approved.  She briefed on the updates for the 72 SFS. The new SFM, CMSgt Armando Celay,

Chairman John Lynch called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. in 627 SFS conference room, McChord Field, JBLM, WA. with six members and one guest present.
Treasurer’s Report: Tom Booth gave the report: previous balance of $632.91; cash deposit of $40.00; expenditures: none; ending balance: $672.91.
Business Discussed: Chairman John Lynch gave a report on the visit of John Probst, AFSFA Executive Director, Jerry Bullock, Executive Director Emeritus, and Lucille Bullock, AFSFA Secretary, to SeaTac to select facilities for the 2014 AFSFA Annual Conference.