MSgt Pamela Hines, Secretary, called the meeting to order at 0929 hours at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Midwest City, OK. TSgt Timothy Nesbitt led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were 14 members and 3  guests present for a total of 17 folks. MSgt Hines asked for a moment of silence for those Sky Cops and/or family members that have passed away: Alisa F. Johnson, mother of Nerissa, Parks, 72 SFS/S5S, passed away on 16 Oct 13. MSgt (Ret) Brett L. Squires, SP/SF IMA at TAFB, passed away on 19 Oct 2013. She briefed that Tony Allison, 72 SFS/S4, had some medical problems but is now doing better. Next she briefed that the Treasurer’s report will not be briefed at this time. When she asked if she should read the September 2013 chapter meeting minutes, everyone said no. Then there was a motion to approve as is. It was seconded and approved.  She briefed on the updates for the 72 SFS. The new SFM, CMSgt Armando Celay,

has arrived here from Korea. We have four individuals returning from their deployment in the next week. CCAF graduation is this upcoming week, as well as the base promotion ceremony in which TSgt Anthony Jones will be putting on MSgt on 31 Oct at the TAFB Club. The 72 SFS Thanksgiving party will be held on 8 Nov 13 at the Combat Arms facility. The 72 SFS Christmas Party will still be on 7 Dec 13 at the VFW in Del City. Pete Piazza briefed on the request to change the location of our current meeting place for the upcoming year. No locations were mentioned but everyone was notified. He briefed that the chapter meeting schedule for 2014 is ready for posting and will be sent out in Dec 2013. Pete also mentioned a change to the post checks to Vance AFB, Altus AF Band Tulsa OKANGB. As these trips are taking a beating on some of the members of the chapter, if we are to continue to make these post checks we will need more chapter members to get involved. MSgt Hines swore in the new chapter officers for 2014-2016: TSgt Darcy Keifer, Chairperson; TSgt Timothy Nesbitt, Vice Chairman; and MSgt (Sel) Anthony Jones, Secretary. Walter Chrysler briefed that the TAFB Airmen’s dinner will be held on 5 Dec 13 at the TAFB Chapel. Walter also briefed that the TAFB Tribal Council will meet at the TAFB Club on 6 Nov 13 and finally that the Midwest City Veterans Day Parade will be held on 11 Nov 13. As you go, stay safe and warm. Joe Sprouse did a coin check. Bob Norman, Sgt-at-Arms, found one member who did not have his coin and collected $2 for the kitty. MSgt Hines wished everyone the very best over the upcoming holidays and is looking forward to see one in 2014. She briefed that the next meeting will be held at 0930 hours, 25 January, at a place to be announced later this year and adjourned the meeting at 1002 hours.