1. Twenty-two members met at the 610SFS conference room at 1030 hours. Our membership is growing due to leaders of the 610SFS, who are encouraging participation in the chapter. Several members of the 610SFS were in attendance for the first time. Ernie Koontz chaired this meeting until the arrival of Willie Phillips. Ernie led the membership in the pledge of allegiance. The secretary reviewed the minutes from the September meeting and the treasurer reported a total of $2,739.00 in our account.

2. We were delighted to see in attendance some members who had been forced to miss some recent meetings due to ill health. Racehorse Haenes and Bob Higginbotham were both up and about and feeling much better. Welcome back.

3. Wayne Cox, one of our chapter members who is also president of the AFSFA, was available to address some pressing areas

of interest to the membership. He brought along a folder containing copies of the time line panels that the AFSFA is purchasing for one of the classrooms at Camp Bullis. There are a series of 19 very professionally prepared panels. Panels begin in 1940 and extend through contemporary times, visually depicting the history of the Military/Air Force Police. These panels will be financed through donations from the AFSFA chapters and individual members. The chapter agreed to purchase a panel for the sum of $200.00.

4. Wayne Cox further informed the members that the AFSFA financial condition is not in sterling condition, operating instead on a marginal basis. We have gone from a situation where the Bullocks operated the association out of their home with very minimal cost to now paying for an office space and equipment to operate the new office. Additionally, administrative assistants will have to be hired soon, adding to the financial burden. Wayne asked the members to think of ways that may be effective in raising money to defray operating costs.

5. Willie Phillips delivered an excellent presentation covering subjects discussed and events that occurred at the annual meeting in Tampa, Florida. BG Allen Jamerson, the USAF top cop, provided a briefing covering contemporary issues that he and the staff are working. A downsizing of the force is in the future. Suicides are a pressing issue and are receiving lots of attention. Changes to the Security Forces badge are coming as well. Another issue that is still in the works is the concealed carry of firearms. The renaming of Tiger Flight is still an open item. A new name will be chosen as a result of a ballot that is being distributed in Tiger Flight.

6. Chuck Taylor reported on the coordination that he has made in lining up our Annual Christmas Social. That affair will be held at the Olive Garden Restaurant located on Highway 183 on 14 December 2013 at 1100 hours. This is the same venue that we have used for the last several years for our Christmas socials. Put this one on your calendars.

7. The secretary made an appeal for donations to assist in the Philippine relief operation that is now on-going as a result of a powerful typhoon and storm surge that plowed through the southern part of the country. The need is great and u donations are greatly appreciated. The membership donated a total of $370.00. The secretary was assigned to Clark AB, Philippines, and will insure that the donation gets to Lewis Nunnally, a retired Security Policeman who currently lives in the Philippines. He will pass our donation on to ABSCBN Foundation, a major televise on channel in the Philippines which delivers relief aid to those in need.